Law firms and lawyers insurance


Law firms also have staff and clients, which means that they must be protected from a wide range of risks that are not different from the risks that businesses in any other industry encounter and are protected with their insurance.

Today’s legal landscape is quite complex. This is the reason that attorneys and law firms need professional guidance and support when choosing the appropriate insurance to ensure that their coverage provides them with the best possible protection from all potential risks.

Cléma Risk Solutions is committed to guiding you in your professional journey and assisting your legal firm and/or you as a lawyer on how to choose the right cover and insurance. We will also go over important aspects to consider while selecting an insurance type and plan and will discuss various major forms of insurance policies that benefit legal businesses.

Professional Liability Insurance

This is usually the first policy that any law firms and lawyers will obtain for insurance. It is also known as errors and omissions insurance and legal malpractice insurance. As this is the most likely area for a claim, it is by far the most important sort of insurance for law offices. Unfortunately, even the finest lawyers can be sued for legal misconduct and therefore it is important that there is ample protection against possible claims.

Employer’s Liability Insurance

Employer’s liability insurance protects you and/or your legal firm if an employee sues you for a work-related injury or sickness. It is an important regulation because nearly one in every five small businesses will face employee litigation.

This coverage protects the business owner if the organisation is held liable for an employee’s injury or illness. Employer liability insurance pays for legal fees if an employee accuses your company’s irresponsibility for their injury or illness. These expenses could include the hire of a lawyer, court fees, and the payment of a settlement or judgment.

Commercial General Liability Insurance

The obligation you have to care for your customers and the public has grown even more wide in today’s increasingly complex and connected operational environment. Commercial general liability (CGL) insurance covers a legal company or lawyer for physical harm, personal injury, and property damage caused by the company’s operations, goods, or injuries that occur on the company’s premises. Although commercial general liability is considered comprehensive business insurance, it may not cover all hazards that a company may encounter.

Cléma Risk Solutions our liability solution allows you to run your business with confidence, knowing that you can rely on Cléma Risk Solutions if the unexpected occurs.

Law firms and lawyers in general continue to face certain risks and it is always recommended to obtain insurance that covers the customers and the firm as well. We at Clema Risk Solutions would be glad to help you at any given moment to get your organization covered from any risks as such. Contact us on for more information.

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