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Gyms, fitness centers and health clubs focus on keeping people strong and healthy. If you run a workout facility, you know that when people are involved in intense physical activity, sometimes, things can go wrong. Someone gets injured while using the equipment or pulls a hamstring while working with a trainer, or a child gets hurt in your childcare facility. All these incidents can leave you wide open to liability claims and lawsuits. However, an adequate gym insurance program can protect you and help your company transfer the financial burden of the loss.

At Clema Risk Solutions, we understand the risks and challenges that gym owners face. We have negotiated a specific insurance program, tailor-made for them, with an appropriate insured limit and comprehensive cover in order to tackle the above risks. Our gym insurance program includes the following covers:

General Liability

Sometimes called general liability insurance or third-party liability insurance or even legal liability, this insurance will help you manage the legal liability risks generated by your business operation. This is a must-have insurance for all gym owners.

Professional indemnity insurance

Our insurance program offers you the option to buy a professional indemnity insurance which will cover your company against a breach of professional duty (wrong advice on the technique to carry out an exercise, inappropriate exercise intensity, etc.). It will cover the financial compensation requested by the third party and the legal expenses incurred in defending yourself against a claim.

Propery and business interruption

All the physical or tangible assets of your gym including equipment, stocks, building, etc will be insured under the property damage insurance. Our property damage insurance includes a business interruption cover which will allow your company to maintain the same financial position after the loss, as it was before.

You will need to include as well a Work Injury Compensation to cover the work related accident. This coverage is also included in our package solution.

Working with an intermediary and insurer that understands your business is key to securing your business and navigating through potential claims that could arise from your business operation. Get in touch with our team so we can understand your insurance needs.

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