Bar & Restaurant Insurance


What is bar and restaurant insurance?

Bars and/or restaurant businesses face a wide variety of claims from their clients, employees, or landlord and neighbors in case of an accident. The stock or the equipment can suffer material damages following a fire, water damage, or theft. As for all businesses welcoming and providing services to clients, risks are numerous and must be protected by the appropriate insurance program.

We have reviewed the key policies that you will need to consider for the safe operation of your business:

Business Package Insurance

The business package insurance will combine under one single contract the essential covers to protect your legal liability in case of a claim from a client (general liability) or an employee (employee’s compensation insurance). It will also protect your equipment and stock in case of material damages can include the option to insure the rent in case your premises are unfit for occupation.

Group Personal Accident Insurance

Group personal accident will cover all your staff in case of an accident. It will ensure some financial support if the worst happens by giving out a lump sum to support him/her or their beneficiaries.

Event Insurance

The event insurance will protect your business if you organize specific events on your premises (concerts, temporary exhibitions). The equipment and work of art will be adequately insured with the appropriate event insurance. We can add some options to insure the loss of income following the cancellation of the event.

At Clema Risk Solutions, we understand the risks and challenges, bars and restaurants are facing. We have designed an insurance program accordingly. Each insurance is tailor-made to your risk profile offering comprehensive coverage at competitive pricing.

Working with an intermediary and insurer that understands your business is key to securing your business and navigating through potential claims that could arise from your business operation. Get in touch with our team so we can understand your insurance needs.

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